BORD & PILLAR has limited accommodations and is only available to dogs that meet our Temperament Requirements. All dogs must pass the meet and greet to board with us. This must be done 72 hours in advance of their stay. Your fur baby will stay in one of our luxurious suites with elevated food bowls and elevated beds. Feel free to send them with their favorite bed and blanket. We request that you bring their regular dog food but if you forget or if they run out we offer high quality dog food for a charge. You may add on various activities for your pup while they are staying with us. Our boarding includes 6 potty breaks a day in our fenced outdoor yard, maid and linen service, 24 hour security cameras, soothing music and tuck in with treat if allowed.

Boarding is much like renting a hotel room with check in and check out times. Our check in time is 10:00 am until 4:00 pm by appointment only. Our check out times are between 10:00 am until 4:00 pm by appointment only. We require a two night minimum stay. There are no drop offs or pick ups on actual Holidays. Dogs must be dropped off the day before and picked up the day after. Example: Can't drop off or pick up on December 25th but can drop off or pick up on the December 24th or December 26th.

We require evidence of vaccination for Rabies, DA2PP and Bordetella. We also require a flea and tick prevention plan. We are unable to board non neutered or non spayed canines. We are unable to board dogs over 11 years of age unless they pass the meet and greet.

Bord and Pillars nightly boarding rate is $50.00 per night with a $25.00 late pick up charge after 1:00. Please contact us directly for our add-on charges and spa treatment options.


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